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Welcome to my portfolio! 

This page showcases the variety of projects I engaged in during my four years of college. These works encompass a blend of Typographic Design, Editorial Design, UI/UX Design, Brand Design, and Informational Design.

Stray Kids Vinyl

Stray Kids is one of many popular bands of the K-Pop genre. With millions of listeners around the world, there are many who would choose to listen to their music in a different form: vinyl records. In order to reach out to current and new demographics, this vinyl set includes a custom-colored record, photocards, and a lyric booklet featuring the members of Stray Kids. 


Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce

Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce is looking to reinvent their brand identity to attract new members and increase their outreach. This new and cohesive brand identity will help transform the outlook of the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce


Yellow Barrel, a Russian Company, is looking to rebrand their fermented non-alcoholic malt beverage KVAS to be marketable towards the American market. This rebranding will increase sales and capacitate a new audience 



This app is designed for fishing enthusiasts seeking fresh locations. From novices to seasoned anglers, all can utilize its features. The app facilitates connections among fishers, enabling them to share preferred spots, and fish species caught, accompanied by images, bait used, and access details including parking and trail guidance.

Peoria Playhouse

Aide parents in directions throughout the Peoria Playhouse and give children a way to explore Peoria Playhouse on-site and at home.


Mental Health Awareness in College Students

Mental Health is a prominent issue in our world especially among college students. This zine is to spread mental health awareness, the signs to look out for and where to get help.

PAWS Chicago

A B2B mailer campaign for Paws Chicago, aimed at soliciting donations from businesses. This mailer will help raise funds to support the organization’s mission of rescuing and caring for homeless animals.

The Declaration of Human Rights

Three typographic experimental posters in Russian Constructivism Style, International Typographic Style, and Bauhaus Style using articles from The Declaration of Human Rights.

The History of Music Listening

A timeline infographic that illustrates the dynamic history regarding of music listening and how music history has gotten to where it is today.

Phoenix Community Development Services

Enhance the Phoenix Community Development Services nonprofit organization's website through a collaborative web development effort, focusing on improving user-friendliness.

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